Let us find you the perfect printer for your needs

Not only are we Hobart’s specialists in toner cartridges, but we can help you purchase the right printer for your needs.

Tell us what you need it to do – do you need scanning, do you want to be connected with Wi-Fi, will you be printing in colour, how fast do you need your printing to be?

Rather than sell you the most expensive printer we can, instead we can advise you on printer that is perfect for you.

Not only that, but if you’re in Hobart we’ll come and set it up for you too free of charge? Not in Hobart? No problem, we’ll send it to you for a super competitive price with no shipping charge.

Give Ben a call on 0419 893 909 and tell us what you want to get out of a printer, and we can put the right printer on your desk.


We can advise you on the perfect printer for your needs.

All of our printers are covered by a money back guarantee.

We have market-leading access to an enormous range of brands and styles.

Fast, free delivery in Hobart within 24 hours – within minutes on some occasions!

Free shipping to anywhere in Australia!